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Head for the Hills off road Cycling's primary objective is to give everybody the opportunity to enjoy Adelaide's world class mountain bike trails. From junior primary students to national level athletes, we are here to help you develop your skills and take advantage of Adelaide's distinctly unique mountain biking opportunities!

Not many people are aware that we have access to over ten different mountain biking trail networks within a 20 minute drive of the Adelaide CBD! Including Cobbler Creek, Anstey Hill, Cleland, Craigburn Farm, Shepherds Hill and many more, Adelaide's mountain bike trails are the most accessible trails in the world. And the best part is, the trails cater for absolute beginners right through to the fastest mountain bikers on the planet! Contact us to find out more about how we can help you take advantage of the opportunities on your doorstep.

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2018 Bike SA Dirty Weekend 12hr Race Review

Inspired by Matthew Acklands race report, I’ve decided to post my thoughts on my own performance in the twelve hour version of the Bike SA Dirty Weekend. I always intended to analyse and critique my preparation and performance but making it available for all to read is a great way to encourage others to reflect on their own performances. With a little bit of time and effort we can learn a lot from ourselves and I know first hand just how easy it is to simply walk away from an event, taking outcomes or results at par value.

Tyson Schmidt Dirty Weekend 2018

Photo: Kane Naaraat – No words for this one…

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Guided Course Pre-Ride | 2018 Round 2 – Willunga

The guided track walk and pre-ride for is on again at Willunga, designed specifically for beginners, novice racers or anybody a little nervous about getting down the track! It will happen before the Saturday Practice session at 8am sharp.

The session will include a track walk guided by Tyson Schmidt, followed by a slow ride down the course with coaching through the most technical bits.

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Target Your Goals Inwards

I rarely listened in English lessons and find it hard to believe my two finger typing technique could input much more than a login name and password! I’d like to thank you for taking the time to read this and those who read my previous post on celebrating your wins. I really appreciated the feedback that came my way so please feel free to leave any additional thoughts and comments below or in the land of Facebook.

For my second post I wanted to keep the good vibes going. Goal setting can be tricky business and I feel like many people look at it in a way that sets them up for failure, rather than success; and if not failure, maybe just a feeling of stagnation or poor performance. A simple re-alignment of your goals can be the difference between feeling like you are reaching new heights and feeling like your progression is stuck in the mud.

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