Head for the Hills Off Road Cycling was founded by Tyson Schmidt in 2015. The goal was to provide coaching and development opportunities for young mountain bike racers in South Australia as well as to generate pathways into the sport for those that hadn’t had the opportunity to have a go.

Realistically, not much has changed since then except that our team is growing and riders of all ages and abilities are getting involved, developing their skills and having a blast while doing it!

Tyson briefs the first Head for the Hills group

Tyson briefing the first ever Head for the Hills coaching group


Head for the Hills exists to develop pathways into and through the sport of mountain biking. That’s it.

Our Vision

We want everybody to have a chance to try mountain biking and want more easily accessible opportunities for people to have a go. We want a positive and supportive environment filled with development opportunities for all participants in the sport, no matter why they ride or what their goals may be.

Our Mission

We will work to support all mountain bikers; from people riding off road for the first time through to seasoned athletes looking to fine tune performance. We will work to enhance and expand development pathways and outcomes for all mountain bikers regardless of their level of ability or why they ride, allowing them every chance to progress towards their goals and achieve their best.