Master the skills of mountain biking with our range of group coaching clinics and courses. The lessons in our programs have been methodically designed to develop your technique progressively, ensuring you have all the skills and knowledge required to advance safely and quickly. Our coaches have pooled their experience from all disciplines, spanning recreational riding through to international competition, to compile the most comprehensive mountain bike skills development program in Adelaide. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced rider, we have a program for you!

Introduction to Mountain Biking

15+ Novice 2 Hours

Learn the absolute basics of mountain biking. We will help you get started with bike setup, gear selection, brakes, posture and debunk common myths that you may have heard.

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Base Skills

15+ Beginner 5 Hours

Learn the skills that will form the foundation of your mountain biking prowess. We will help develop your body position, cornering and look at basic techniques that will have a significant impact on your progression as a rider.

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Technique Development

15+ Intermediate 2 Days

The Technique Development Course dives deeper into some topics already covered in the Base Skills program, as well as introduces you to new skills and concepts. The target outcome is to give you the tools you need to maintain a high level of control, even when trails become rough, complex and unpredictable.

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Advanced Skills Masterclasses

15+ Advanced 5 Hours

The Skills Masterclasses are group coaching sessions that isolate and focus on advanced mountain biking skill sets. We will guide you through the intricacies of each topic, giving you a broad understanding of the skills and how to fine tune your technique.

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