Technique Development Course

Learn the technical skills of mountain biking and take steps to increase speed and control on flowy trails, as well over rough and rugged terrain. This course builds upon our Base Skills program by further developing your understanding of basic skills as well as introducing you to new skills and techniques. We assume riders have completed the Base Skills program and are familiar with the concepts and terminology it contains.

There are two sessions in the course, one focusing on trail skills and the other on descending skills. You can book each session separately or as a package.

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Course Details

Details for the Mountain Bike Technique Development course are:

Single Session$145pp
2 Session Package$230pp
Session Duration: 5 Hours (Approx.)
Session Times: 10:00am – 3:00pm *
* Times subject to change
Venue: Shepherds Hill Recreation Park
Maximum Group Size: 6
Recommended Age: 16+
Interest: All
Minimum Ability: Intermediate
Discipline: General

Topics Covered

The Mountain Bike Technique Development course is designed for:

  • People who have a fair amount of experience riding narrow (<1m wide) trails
  • More experienced riders who want to consolidate their skills, enabling them to unlock advanced techniques

This is a two day course. Both days focus on different aspects of mountain biking technique.

Trail Skills Session

In the trail skills session, we focus on:

  • Rolling Obstacles
  • Stability on Rough Terrain
  • Wheel Lifts & Hops
  • Clearing Obstacles
  • Climbing Technique

Descending Skills Session

In the descending skills session, we focus on:

  • Body Position & Moving on the Bike
  • Riding Actively 2.0
  • Cornering – Berms vs Flat
  • Selecting Lines

The descending skills session includes shuttles to allow maximum trail time.

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