Head for the Hills has a team of Mountain Bike Australia accredited coaches who specialise in different disciplines and areas of development. Each coach is available for private bookings and has a wealth of knowledge and experience behind them to ensure they deliver top quality advice and instruction. You will also find that they are all fantastic humans who are great fun to be around, particularly when they are on their bikes!

Tyson Schmidt, a head for the Hills coach, guides a student over a technical line

Sometimes the coach has to put themselves in the line of fire!

If you would like to make a booking with a particular coach, please email them directly via the address provided in their profile.

Head for the Hills coach, Tyson Schmidt

Tyson Schmidt

Tyson is the founder and senior coach at Head for the Hills Off Road Cycling. He started racing downhill mountain bikes in 2007 and transitioned into coaching in 2015 to help junior members of Inside Line mountain bike club develop their skills on the bike, as well as to develop more pathways into the sport.

Specialty:Downhill & Gravity Enduro Skills, Beginner Skills
Accreditation:Level 1 MTB Coach

More about Tyson

Tyson grew up in the Barossa Valley and has spent his entire life on a bike of some form. Small wheels, big wheels, motorised and deadly treadlies! While studying electronic engineering after finishing high school, he started racing downhill events hosted by Inside Line downhill mountain bike club in 2007. “We had plenty of places to ride in the Barossa and it was the best way to get out of the house to run-a-muck! We got into trouble, took risks and learned exactly what consequences are and I think those informal lessons really helped set us up for life as adults; even if they really hurt at the time!”

Tyson Schmidt during a downhill mountain bike race at Willunga

Tyson races to the finish line at Willunga

Tyson never took a job in the electronics industry, electing instead for a casual job building stages for events and festivals, playing drums in a band that showcases music for primary school students and managed an Adelaide based downhill race team. “A nine to five desk job was just never attractive to me. Working silly, sometimes up to 24 hour-long days lugging stage decks with a great bunch of people was way more fulfilling. Then I had the drumming gig which was the perfect way to unleash my inner child and even get paid for it!”

“Head for the Hills was born when the Inside Line committee asked me to deliver regular coaching sessions after the team had held a few ad-hoc junior coaching days. I nearly said no as I couldn’t see myself sustaining a volunteer role for very long. The volunteer coaching and mentoring modal had never really worked for the club in the past. It was the lack of mountain biking opportunities in schools that got me thinking about starting a full-time business that would try to fill the gaps. I pooled a few of my past projects together and saw potential to run programs to develop entry level programs for schools while coaching the guys and girls that are already on the trails.”

Aside from building Head for the Hills, Tyson has been heavily involved with Mountain Bike Australia’s junior development programs too. “I had the opportunity to assist on a couple Mountain Bike Australia junior development camps in 2017 and was lucky enough to be a part of the team staff for the World Champs in Cairns that year too. Since then I have helped out with more and more MTBA development and travel programs but the highlights have certainly been the three World Champs teams I’ve been a part of. We have such a great team culture and to be able to learn from the other coaches, staff and athletes has been absolutely invaluable.”

Tyson Schmidt during the Bike SA Dirty Weekend at Fox Creek

12 Hours on a bike does strange things to a man!

“Mountain bikers are a pretty chilled out bunch of people and I am keen to keep working to build on what Head for the Hills offers to keep the opportunities coming for everybody that wants to have a go or get better at riding.”

Head for the Hills coach, Griffin Knight

Griffin Knight

Griffin is Head for the Hills Cyclings cross country & cyclocross coaching specialist. His current and past race results are a testament to his knowledge and dedication to technique and race craft, while his experiences as an athlete in the national development programs gives him a unique perspective as a coach.

Specialty:Cross Country & Cyclocross Skills, Junior Development
Accreditation:Level 1 MTB Skills Instructor

More about Griff


Griffin Knight at a Cross country mountain bike race in Mt Buller

Griffin pops out of the Mt Buller wilderness

Griffin Knight on a climb in a cyclocross race

Griff battles through the cyclocross pain