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Head for the Hills off road Cycling's primary objective is to give everybody the opportunity to enjoy Adelaide's world class mountain bike trails. From junior primary students to national level athletes, we are here to help you develop your skills and take advantage of Adelaide's distinctly unique mountain biking opportunities!

Not many people are aware that we have access to over ten different mountain biking trail networks within a 20 minute drive of the Adelaide CBD! Including Cobbler Creek, Anstey Hill, Cleland, Craigburn Farm, Shepherds Hill and many more, Adelaide's mountain bike trails are the most accessible trails in the world. And the best part is, the trails cater for absolute beginners right through to the fastest mountain bikers on the planet! Contact us to find out more about how we can help you take advantage of the opportunities on your doorstep.

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Celebrate Your Wins!

Having recently turned my attention away from my own skills development to begin focusing on helping others, I often feel like I am going backwards on the bike. This year, for the first time, I am eligible to compete in the Veterans category and I think we can all agree that age and accumulating responsibilities outside of racing are two of the most worn out excuses on the trails. And I have certainly claimed them both myself! In recent times, I have been having to put my ego aside and accepting that some things that were once well within my level of ability are now outside of my skill set. It’s not easy and, at times, extremely frustrating and demoralising. Personal anecdotes aside, many riders at every level go through peaks and troughs in their careers and for many different reasons. While enjoying the good times is easy, it can be difficult to find satisfaction when things aren’t going so smoothly on the bike.

Celebrating personal wins is something that mountain bikers do best. It’s not just our own achievements that get us pumped, but others’ too. When things are going well, it’s high fives all around! But it’s pretty easy to get down on your riding too. Sometimes we just have a bad day, conditions aren’t great, we haven’t been riding much, or maybe one section of trail is just psyching us out big time. It’s times like these we can become fixated on the bad stuff and forget to pat ourselves on the back for the good things we do…

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Guided Course Pre-Ride | 2018 SA DH Round 1

Head for the Hills, along with Inside Line Mountain Bike Club, will be offering a guided track walk and pre-ride to beginner riders throughout the 2018 race season. These group sessions are designed for riders who are new to the sport or riders who feel they need some help getting down the track. They are not for riders looking at improving their times simply to snag a place on the podium!

This weekend plays host to Round One of Inside Line’s Giant Adelaide South Australian State Downhill Series which will be held on the “Secret Connection” trail at Fox Creek. Although the trail is short, it is steep and technical with a fast finish line sprint section. At 8am on Saturday, Tyson Schmidt will lead a group track walk before helping the group ride down the course in a safe and controlled manner.

The track will be open for others to walk from 8:30am.

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There are limited places so please book your place when you register to race. If you have already signed up to race, please contact us to book your spot.


Meet:By the Head for the Hills Flags
Date:Saturday 14 April 2018
Time:8am Sharp Departure
Other Info:Link Expired

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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