Private mountain bike coaching lessons are a great way to get personalised guidance and feedback from an experienced instructor. Head for the Hills offers both one on one coaching as well as customised sessions for private groups. We cater for riders of all ability levels and have a list of Mountain Bike Australia accredited coaches specialising in cross country, clyclocross, downhill and gravity enduro disciplines.

A coach indicates a line to a rider in a private mountain bike group lesson

Spending time with a mountain bike coach can significantly boost your progression

A coach helps a mountain biker to corner faster in a private lesson

One on One Coaching

Spending time with a coach in a one on one format can significantly increase the quality of your training sessions. Precise and direct feedback away from distractions maximises the information you receive as well as the time you have to process it and develop.

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We recommend one on one coaching sessions that are 2 hours in duration. This allows enough time to cover a couple topics briefly or to dive deeper into a single topic. It also allows the coach to provide a useful amount of instruction and feedback without overloading the rider with too much information to comprehend. The best way to progress your mountain biking skills is slowly and consistently over a period of time.

All private sessions will be designed around your goals, ability and experience. Before your session, your coach will ask you to provide details on your mountain biking history and goals so they can better understand your needs and plan your session accordingly.


The cost of a 2 hour one on one session is $165. If you would like to extend the sessions duration, additional hours are $60 each.

A group of riders ready to ride a downhill trail in a private coaching session

Private Group Coaching

Learning new skills in a group environment can be fun and extremely productive at the same time. Private coaching groups are a great way to get a fully customised, private coaching session with your riding buddies.

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We can plan a custom coaching session for groups of any size, ability, discipline and at any location. Our coaches will work with you to determine the needs of the group and then plan a session accordingly. We can deliver sessions on any trail network in South Australia and can find the most suitable place to deliver your session, or plan a session around a desired training location.


The cost of a private group coaching session is dependent on numbers. The table below outlines pricing per person for a two hour session.

2 Hour Private Group Coaching Cost*
Number of RidersCost per Rider

*If you would like to extend the sessions duration, additional hours are $60 each.

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