Some of the Head for the Hills Off Road Cycling products will require participants to have met particular prerequisite guidelines before commencement of the activity. Although there are no formal qualifications or experience required, participants should use the following definitions to determine whether an activity is appropriate for them.

Skill Level


The rider should be able to ride a bike on two wheels confidently and unassisted. No experience in riding off road or on trails is necessary.


The rider should have some experience riding off road and on trails. We will most likely be riding on trails with narrow sections and some small obstacles.


The rider should ride off road and on trails often. We will almost certainly be tackling some rugged terrain and simply rolling on two wheels won’t work!

Fitness Level


The ride may make you puff (it is mountain biking!) but uphill sections are short and we will be making plenty of stops. The rider should be a relatively active person but you won’t need to train for this!


These rides will almost certainly cover a significant distance with some climbing to get your heart rate up. You don’t need to be an athlete but riders should be active people who don’t mind getting a sweat up.


If you take the elevator every chance you get, this may not be for you! Riders should be in good physical condition and able to sustain prolonged periods of high energy output.