Adelaide has the most accessible mountain bike trail network in the world and we design school mountain biking programs to help students take full advantage of it. Our AusCycling qualified coaches and instructors can deliver a single session mountain bike incursion right through to a progressive skills development program on the trails.

Delivering More than Just Experiences

Head for the Hills exists to develop pathways into and through the sport of mountain biking. We deliver programs that meet the specific needs of the school and students while maximising future participation opportunities for anybody who is interested in pursuing mountain biking further.

We maintain close working relationships with local groups, clubs and AusCycling to ensure our programs are not just a memorable experience. Our unique position in the sport means that we can guide budding mountain bikers, helping them find the support they need to develop their interest. Whether students are interested in the fitness, recreational, competitive or social facets of mountain biking, we can help nudge them in a direction that could provide them with lifelong opportunities in heathy sport, surrounded by amazing people and culture.

Cost Outline

To give you an idea of the approximate cost to engage our coaches for a program delivered in one of Adelaide’s trail networks, please see the table below.

Min Ratio 1:10
2 hour skills clinic $265 per coach
Additional hours $75 per coach per hour

If you have any questions or would like further information about our programs for schools, please contact us.

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