Programs for Schools

Adelaide has the most accessible trail network in the world and we design school mountain biking programs to help students take full advantage of it. Our Mountain Bike Australia qualified coaches and instructors can deliver a single session mountain bike incursion right through to a progressive skills development program on the trails.

A group of students on a school outdoor education mountain bike camp

Outdoor Ed MTB Camps are a great opportunity for skills development

Format Options

A mountain bike experience or development program can take many forms and they are all able to be adapted to each schools individual goals, requirements and constraints. Some of the formats we offer include:

  • Single Skills/Experience Sessions
  • Multi Session Programs
    • One Week
    • Half Term
    • Full Term
    • Semester Long
  • On-site Incursions
  • Camps & Trips
  • OSHC Activities
A group of students practise their cornering skills on a school mountain bike camp

Self-control, decision making and risk management lessons can all be learned on a mountain bike

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If you have any questions or would like further information, please feel free to contact us.

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