Adelaide has one of the most extensive and accessible mountain bike trail networks in the world. Head for the Hills tailors school mountain biking programs to ensure that students have the opportunity to enjoy, learn from and experience our unique trails and the environment around them. Our programs are delivered by expert coaches and instructors and range from single session mountain bike incursions right through to multi-session programs, delivered in various trail networks across the state.

Delivering More than Just Experiences

Head for the Hills is dedicated to providing engaging experiences and opening doors to mountain biking for students of all skill levels. By incorporating skills development techniques into our programs, we enable students to experience more while reducing risk at the same time. We work directly with schools to design and deliver programs that meet the specific needs of the school and students, while maximising future participation opportunities for anybody who is interested in pursuing mountain biking further.

Through partnerships with local groups, clubs and the NSO, AusCycling, our programs provide outdoor and sporting education, memorable experiences as well as act as a gateway to future participation and ongoing engagement for students after the conclusion of the program.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or would like further information, please feel free to contact us.