Head for the Hills has developed a variety of programs designed to give the youth of Adelaide an opportunity to learn the skills of mountain biking.  What sets Head for the Hills apart from other mountain biking activities is the focus on acquired skills which will give young people the opportunity to continue mountain biking after the course is over. We want to provide young people with a chance to discover a passion they may have within and leave them with knowledge to be able to confidently pursue this sport into the future.

Intro to Mountain Biking Course

Head for the Hills offers schools an introduction to mountain biking program for middle school students. The program is designed to give students who have never ridden off road before an opportunity to learn under the guidance of a NCAS Level 1 mountain bike coach, while still challenging those who may have some experience in mountain biking.

The program can be delivered in multiple two hour sessions over a period of time or as a complete six hour intensive course.

The delivery of the program is flexible and can be scheduled to times that suit students and the school. The first session in the multi-session format can be delivered on-site and subsequent sessions will be delivered at either Cobbler Creek Recreation Park or Craigburn Farm Mountain Bike Trails.

The six hour intensive course will be delivered at either Cobbler Creek Recreation Park or Craigburn Farm Mountain Bike Trails and is ideal to be held on pupil free days or on weekends. The course includes a basic skills session, progressive trail rides and intermediate skills development throughout the day.

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Lunch Time Bike Games

We specialise in the development of mountain biking skills, many of which can be taught and learned on flat ground! Head for the Hills can come to your school to deliver a session of fun bike games that will give students an opportunity to learn and practise without leaving the school grounds.

The games can be run during lunch or class time and can be all-inclusive or for a designated group of students only.

The skills developed by the games include:

  • Balance
  • Braking
  • Control & Slow Manoeuvres
  • Cornering
  • Gear Selection
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After School Programs

Head for the Hills offers amazing mountain biking experiences after school and during the school holidays- both North & South of the city! Perfect for beginners as well as those who have ridden trails before, our mountain biking experiences are great fun and keep kids engaged and learning outside of school time.

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For more information contact:

Tyson Schmidt

Senior Coach

Head for the Hills Off Road Cycling
72 Corconda Street
Clearview, South Australia

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