Skills are what we are all about! Whether it’s basic training for somebody who’s never ridden off-road before or advanced coaching for state and national level riders, our coaches can help you take your riding to the next level in a one on one or group environment.

Junior Gravity Groups

Head for the Hills is committed to ensuring robust development pathways for junior Gravity Enduro and Downhill riders. Our Junior Gravity Groups provide support and training to the next generation of champions.

    Ages: 13 to 19 Years

Womens Group Coaching

Mountain biking has traditionally been dominated by males but things have changed! Head for the Hills holds regular Womens Group Coaching sessions to provide a supportive environment for female mountain bikers.

Beginner Group Coaching

Our Beginner Group Coaching session will give you the knowledge you need to become more stable, confident and safer on the bike. We will help you develop a sound set of base skills on which your future progression will build.

Intermediate Group Coaching

Take your riding to the next level with our Intermediate Group Coaching and take control over every aspect of your ride. Let us help you continue your development, learn good habits and get your style dialled in a supportive group environment.

Advanced & Race Group Coaching

After years of hard work it’s time to iron out those last few wrinkles! Let us help you take absolute control of your rides so you can go further faster and longer. In this session we will even help you to essentially coach yourself!

One on One Coaching

Dedicated time with a coach decreases distraction, ensures targeted and accurate feedback and can be completely customised to your needs and goals. One on One coaching sessions will fit into your schedule and are designed to maximise your development.

Training Plans

Maximising benefits from training is tricky business and targeting specific areas of your physiology for particular goals takes careful planning. We can help you with your training from goal setting and planning through to execution, tracking and analysis.

Customised Coaching

Do you have something a bit different in mind? As long as you have goals, we can help you reach them. Perhaps you’re preparing for an overseas trek, a family cycling holiday or a group charity ride- we can design a session or series of sessions to get you or your group across the line.