Getting through the trails is one thing but doing it with grace and even a little style is another! The Intermediate Gravity Group Coaching is designed to help you take more control over your ride, increase stability and boost your confidence.

The program focuses on descending skills and is ideal for riders who prefer Downhill or Gravity Enduro. The program does include shuttled runs, however in the case where the service is unavailable we may offer a program without shuttles (at a discounted rate of course!).

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Maintaining momentum through corners is key to finding flow and speed

Key Details:

Recommended Age: 18+
Discipline Focus: Downhill & Gravity Enduro (recreational or race)
Venue: Fox Creek
Skills Covered:
  • Body Position
  • Riding Actively
  • Cornering (Berms & Flat)
  • Manuals & Wheelies (not just for show!)
  • Drops
  • Jumps
Max. Group Size: 4 (small group)

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"Did the intermediate session with Tyson. Highly recommend. Good mix of theory and practical with all the main skills covered. Well worth the $$." ~ Tom

Tyson comes across as a very passionate and knowledgeable guy when it comes to MTB and his honest approach to coaching made it a pleasure to listen to his anecdotal training style - he was always on task and on topic. ~ Corey

"Thanks Tyson for an informative, professional & action packed Intermediate MTB coaching session. Since taking the session I have actually enjoyed my riding a lot more simply by implementing the skills you taught me." ~ Cos

"What a great experience I had with Tyson and a group of like minded lads. Tyson is very approachable, he explained concepts clearly and simply, gave good demos and led us through the skill sets we were working on....attacking, turning, manualling, dropping, pumping, edging, jumping!" ~ Grant

"I've been riding MTB for a number of years, and last weekend did the intermediate course with Tyson. From the course I've been able focus on improving on my riding techniques and pick up new skills and confidence, now knowing what to focus on the trails, particularly when approaching berms, drop offs and jumps." ~ Matt

"I can highly recommend Head for the Hills Cycling and its head coach Tyson. If you're looking for a way to improve technique and get faster on the decents and more efficient on the climbs all I can suggest is to get in touch!" ~ Ben

"I've done three coaching days now with Tyson, each time we covered new skills as well as revised previous sessions. I enjoyed every lesson and the tricks he taught me have become second nature." ~ Andy