We are pumped to be launching a brand new and exciting women specific mountain bike coaching series in 2018! There are two skill levels (beginner and intermediate) and a total of five sessions to progressively build your confidence and competence on the bike.

Key Details:

Cost: $185
Venue: Fox Creek
Session 1 Feb 17
Session 2 Mar 10
Session 3 Mar 24
Session 4 Apr 21
Session 5 May 26
Beginner 9am – 11am
Intermediate 12pm – 2pm

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Finding that elusive (and scary) balance point

Attacking a pinch-climb

Finding that elusive (and scary) balance point

Attacking a pinch-climb

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Main Topics
  • Body Position (Seated & Standing)
  • Braking Technique
  • Cornering (Bermed & Flat)
  • Weight Transfer
  • Vision
  • Front & Rear Wheel Lifts
  • Clearing Small Obstacles
  • Riding Actively
  • Body Position (Seated & Standing)
  • Riding Actively
  • Cornering (Bermed & Flat)
  • Vision Techniques
  • Front & Rear Wheel Lifts
  • Hops
  • Weight Manipulation
  • Clearing Obstacles
  • Drops & Jumps
  • Tackling Steep & Technical Terrain

Please note, the topics are a guide only and we will adapt each session to the group so that you get the most out of your time with us. If you have any suggestions or particular topics you’d love to be included, contact us and let us know!

Beginner or Intermediate?


Generally, beginners:

  • Find it hard or uncomfortable to stand up on the bike
  • Have little confidence whilst cornering
  • Walk steeper sections of trail, up and down
  • Stick to green trails and struggle on blue trails


Generally, intermediates:

  • Have been riding for a year or more
  • Can get around most trails, but it’s not always pretty
  • Can ride over small obstacles like rocks
  • Stick to blue trails and struggle on black trails

The above points are a guide only. The best way to find the most suitable group is to talk to us! Please feel free to get in touch.

An intermediate rider maintaining balance & control

The Gravity Girls

Women in the sport of mountain biking have been under-represented and rarely supported in the past, but things are rapidly changing. The Gravity Girls is a group of mountain bikers in South Australia setup to support women who are into all types of mountain biking (not just the crazy downhillers!). They arrange social group rides all over Adelaide and are often spotted in more remote parts of the state, as well as the world! There are no limits to age or experience, you simply need a couple of X chromosomes and a love for bikes!

Get in touch with them and find out more by visiting their Facebook Page!

For more information on the womens mountain bike group coaching sessions, please feel free to contact:

Tyson Schmidt

Head for the Hills Cycling

72 Corconda Street
Clearview, South Australia