Our mountain bike skills clinics for women are slightly modified versions of our popular Group Coaching Programs and provide a supportive environment for women to learn and develop their mountain biking technique. The lessons and outcomes are all the same, we simply tweak the delivery and development pathway to ensure a fun and productive atmosphere specifically for women.

Base Skills for Women

15+ Beginner 3 x 2 Hours

Learn the skills that will form the foundation of your mountain biking prowess. We will help develop your body position, cornering and look at basic techniques that will enable you to confidently advance your skills further, faster and safer.

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Technique Development for Women

15+ Intermediate 5 x 2 Hours

Dive deeper into the basics and learn technical skills and concepts that will enable you to increase speed, control and flow. This course will give you the tools you need to maintain a high level of control, even when trails become rough, complex and unpredictable.

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